Choose your Orb

An Orb is your soul in Lootverse, created for you to explore the world remotely from Earth. Choose the one that better suits your personality.
The Flame Orb is linked to Artimia, the Goddess of Fire, and holds the ancestry of the first men to discover the natural power of the heat in the Lootian world.
The Land Orb is connected with Jord, the Goddess of Land, and its origins are strongly grounded in the Lootian mountains, valleys, and volcanos.
The Air Orb is bound to Horis, the God of Weather, and it is linked to the daily temperature, the beauty of the seasons, and the climate change in Lootverse.
The Ocean Orb is related to Ver, the God of Water, and it is deeply connected with the endless and unpredictable flow of the water in the Lootian rivers and seas.
The Dark Orb is related to Niefel, the Goddess of Death and the most feared deity in the Lootian world. It is said that there is something mysterious about its origins!
Discover attractions in our hyper-realistic virtual theme park. Everything feels real: weather. maps. cities, financial institutions, shopping, tourism, health, and more.
Build wealth, influence and status as you grow your footprint in our parallel world. Here, you can buy, earn, and trade exclusive items, while enjoying entertaining activities.
Meet other Lootizens, make friends, participate in the world’s governance, and craft your image from the ground up. Create your own legion of fans and become a trusted voice in Lootverse.
Be Rewarded
Participate in native play-to-earn games, such as Wars and Gods & Demons, as well as user-generated games. Redeem your earnings for products or real money.
Take the tour
Complete the walkthrough to extend your life expectancy in Lootverse for up to two months (equal to 210 Health Points).
Congratulations! You have completed the tour.
Total Health Points collected: points
Would you like to collect blessings from the Lootian Gods now? This one time we will put you within 500m of a God, but be fast they disappear quickly. Scroll until you find them, click on the apparition and leave a comment to receive your blessings.
You can always complete the Tour by accessing it through the Map Slider

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The Great Empire
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